This part of our site is reviewed and updated on an as needed basis to reflect our charism gifts from the Holy Spirit.


Pastoral Council
Help guide the Parish in Faith Journey and Assist Pastor in decision making.
  • Gifts Needed: Organization and dependability
  • Time Commitment: One monthly meeting
  • Length of Commitment: One or three years
  • Current Needs: New members discerned annually in May
Finance Council
The Finance Council is a consultative body that provides the pastor with advice concerning the stewardship of the parish's fiscal resources.
  • Gifts Needed: Ability in one or more long range financial planning, annual budget development, and/or analysis of fiscal reports.
  • Time Commitment: Monthly meetings
  • Length of Commitment: Variable
  • Current Needs: Members in all aspects of the Finance Council objectives.
Ministry involvement with Mass and worship
Altar Servers
Continue the 2000 year old tradition of having young people assist Father during Mass.
  • Gifts Needed: Reverent, Responsible, Reliable, and Respectable.
  • Time Commitment: 5-6 week training (1 hour per week), then serve once or twice a month.
  • Length of Commitment: 5th through 12th grades
  • Current Needs: Everyone who is interested.
Communion for Homebound
Members go to the homes or local hospitals to visit, pray with and/or take communion to those who are homebound and unable to attend Mass.
  • Gifts Needed: Compassion and caring for others. The only requirement is that you must be a Catholic in good standing and have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Time Commitment: One half hour per household each week.
  • Current Needs: One half hour per household each week.
Eucharistic Adoration
This ministry is Adoration of the exposed Blessed Sacrament on the first Friday of each month. For dates and times consult the sign up sheet in the Vestibule.
  • Gifts Needed: Prayers
  • Time Commitment: One hour per month.
  • Length of Commitment: 6 months
  • Current Needs: Open to new members.
Eucharistic Ministers
Do you have a firm belief in God? Do you have a deep love for the Eucharist? The Lay Eucharistic Ministry is a unique calling. We share the Body and Blood of our Lord. We share of ourselves. Our service is given with love and is one of the most rewarding, yet humbling experiences. We strive to live what the Eucharist is each day. We ask that you be a Catholic in good standing and have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Time Commitment: Serve at Mass at least once a month. Expected to be at Mass 10 minutes early and stay to
    help clean up 10 minutes after Mass on days you are serving. Attend a retreat/workshop once a year.
Proclaimers of the Word/Lectors/Readers
The Proclaimers of the Word share in the work of the Holy Spirit who opens our hearts to God‟s holy word. You will proclaim the work of God in the assembly of the people using the three P‟s: Prayer, Practice, Proclaim.
  • Gifts Needed: Willingness to spread God's word.
  • Time Commitment: Willingness to spread God‟s word.
  • Length of Commitment: Year by year.
  • Current Needs: New members welcome.
Liturgy Committee
Representatives from each of our Worship Ministries who work together to discern the parish‟s worship, Liturgical, and prayer needs. They collaborate, plan, prepare, and evaluate the liturgical events and celebrations of the parish.
  • Gifts Needed: Leadership and organizational skills, creativity is helpful.
  • Time Commitment: Monthly meetings and assistance in carrying out assignments.
  • Length of Commitment: Monthly meetings and assistance in carrying out assignments.
Liturgy Environment Decorating
Prepare and place flowers and other decorations in the parish, chapel, and vestibule throughout the year.
  • Gifts Needed: Flower arranging, watering plants, recruit additional help at Christmas and Easter.
  • Time Commitment: Minimal! Weekly as needed. Christmas decorating is 3-4 hours. Easter decorating is 3-4 hours. Attend Liturgy meetings.
  • Length of Commitment: As long as you are called.
  • Current Needs: Someone to water plants weekly and someone to arrange flowers. Worker Bees!
Music Saturday Evening Mass & Music Sunday Morning Mass
The focus of liturgical music is to aid in the leadership of the sung prayer of the assembly. Their primary goal is to enhance the spiritual growth of each member through liturgical music and community sharing.
  • Gifts Needed: Instrumentalists – The ability to accompany vocals. Flexibility – Songs may change at the last minute. Vocalists – A committed attitude and willingness to share the gift God gave you. Flexibility music selections may change at the last minute.
  • Time Commitment: Choir members approximately 2 hours a week. Musicians – 2 hours and practice time independently. Leaders – varies.
  • Length of Commitment: As long as you are called.
  • Current Needs: Saturday PM – instrumentalist, especially piano and or guitar. Vocalists - age 12 and up are needed. Sunday AM – Pianist.
Sacred Forest
Host Prayer 'N' Picnic Wednesday Evenings in the summer. Maintains outdoor space.
  • Gifts Needed: Desire to pray the rosary and develop a sense of community in our parish during the summer months. Ability to help maintain the garden space - raking, sweeping and planting.
  • Time Commitment: Wednesday Evening Prayer "N‟ Picnic in June, July and August – Attend as often as you can.
  • Length of Commitment: As long as you are called.
The Parish Sacristan/Sacristy crew readily has in its power the ability to enlighten the Parish Worship by the proper visual and physical preparation of the space. The duties include day to day maintenance of Liturgical vessels, altar linens and books, upkeep of the Altar and Sacristy, maintenance of candles, prepare necessary furnishings for Baptisms and Funerals, order bread, wine, candles and supplies for Liturgy and maintain Priest and Deacon vestments.
  • Gifts Needed: Willingness to learn and help with these duties.
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour a week.
  • Length of Commitment: 1 year.
  • Current Needs: Volunteers to help with any or all duties of a Sacristan.
Hospitality Ministers
Warmly greet and help seat parishioners, choose a family to take up the gifts, pass offering baskets among assembly, hand out weekly bulletins and other handouts.
  • Gifts Needed:  Warm smile; friendliness.
  • Time Commitment: Once or twice a month. Arrive ½ hour before Mass and stay 15 minutes after Mass to pick up and turn off lights.
  • Length of Commitment: As long as you are called.
  • Current Needs: More people means fewer days per month.



 Arlington Hands Together - Cold Weather Shelter

November 1 thru March 31 when forecasts call for temperatures at or below 32 degrees for 3 or more hours, the shelter will be open at the following rotating locations from 8:00pm - 7:00am.  A light supper and breakfast are served.

Call 360-403-4674 to find out if the shelter is open and where it is:

Sunday and Mondays - Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 1200 E. 5th Street, Arlington. 360-435-8565

Tuesdays - Jake's House 18824 Smokey Pt. Blvd., St. 105 Arlington (Smokey Point)  360-659-8900

WednesdayTo be determined.  Call 360-403-4674 for information.

Thursday - Smokey Point Community Church, 17721 Smokey Point Blvd, Arlington (Smokey Point).  360-659-2844

Friday/Saturday - Arlington United Church, 4th and MacLeod, Arlington

Schedule subject to change.  360-435-3259

  • Gifts Needed: Caring, listening. Assist setting up mattresses, prepare meals, monitor hall, cleanup. Pack trailer in the morning, wash sheets and return them in a timely manner. (There are three shifts to cover 7-11pm, 11pm-3am, or 3am-7am. Two people are needed for each shift. Assistance given varies depending upon the shift you volunteer for.)
  • Time Commitment: November 1 through March 31 includes an annual training.
  • Current Needs: Many hands make light work.  The more volunteers we have, the fewer shifts coverage is needed for.  Depending on the weather.

Clerical/Office Assistance
Volunteers needed on-call basis for general office assistance, typing, filing, bulletin stuffing, letter stuffing, stamping envelopes etc.

  • Gifts Needed: Happy heart and helpful hands.
  • Time Commitment: 2-3 hours on occasion of mailings
  • Length of Commitment: 1-3 years
  • Current Needs: Open

Food Bank - Arlington
Join with others in the community to help pickup, sort, and distribute food from the community Food Bank.

  • Gifts Needed: Time and your helping hands; ability to lift 40 to 50 pounds.
  • Time Commitment: 2-3 hours a week or monthly, depends on the number of volunteers.
  • Length of Time: No commitment.
  • Current Needs: Six more people.

Offertory Counters
Counts the weekly offerings and completes the associated paperwork for Immaculate Conception and St. John Vianny for deposit at the Bank.

  • Gifts Needed: Count weekly offering and use of 10-key adding machine.
  • Time Commitment: Once or twice a month for 2½ hours on Monday morning from 9:30 AM –
  • Current Needs: Need more counters.
    Are you detail oriented and able to use a 10 key, count the weekly offerings and prepare the tally sheet and bank deposit slip once or twice per month.

Prayer Shawl
Mission is to provide shawls for people in need of prayer, comfort, care and concern from parish.

  • Gifts Needed: A desire to share a talent of knitting or crocheting. This is an opportunity to fellowship
    with others. If you don‟t knit or crochet, we will teach you.
  • Time Commitment: Flexible. Whatever fits your schedule, or can be done at home. We meet on
    Tuesdays in the Library from 9 – 12 am.
  • Length of Commitment: None
  • Current Needs: Ladies to join us.

Sister Parish
Our mission is to support and promote our sister parish covenant relationship with Christ The King Cathedral Parish in Bungoma, Kenya.  Through faith, friendship, and education we serve as the communication link between the sister parishes.  We coordinate joint projects such as Sponsor-A-Student and Solidarity (Catholic Women's Association small business efforts to reduce poverty).

  • Gifts Needed: If you feel called to live your faith beyond our own parish doors, all gifts/talents apply, from Hospitality and Encouragement, to Leadership and Service!
  • Time Commitment: All levels of [participation are welcome.
  • Length of Commitment: No minimum requirements.
  • Current Needs: New members.
St. Vincent dePaul (SVdP)

Our mission is to help those in need in our parish community and our neighbors. We serve emergency needs by providing help with food, medicine, utilities, clothing, and household goods. We go in pairs to visit the needy in their homes.

  • Gifts Needed: Listening, caring, compassion, empathy
  • Time Commitment: One or two hours per week visiting the needy. One meeting per month
  • Length of Commitment: Continuous
  • Current Needs: New members


 Adult Faith Formation Group  A group of women and men committed to creating, implementing and maintaining a pastoral plan that promotes religious education and spiritual development for adults of all ages.

  • Gifts Needed: Understanding of the need for life-long and relevant learning as key to the nurturing of
    adult faith.
  • Time Commitment: Meeting two times a year to evaluate previous programs and plan for future
  • Length of Commitment: 2 year term
  • Current Needs: Representative(s) from the Young Adult population of the parish.
Ordinary Men in Ordinary Time
This gathering offers a practical opportunity for men of faith to grapple with issues faced in the ordinariness of their lives at home and at work. The group meets to pray, socialize, discuss their faith and seek God's help.
  • Gifts Needed: Desire to integrate faith and life issues
  • Time Commitment: Saturday mornings 7:00 - 8:30AM
  • Length of Commitment: 7 weeks during Ordinary Time in the fall and spring
  • Current Needs: Co-director of the program
Christian Initiation - Confirmation Team
Team of catechists, liturgical ministers and sponsors to plan and implement the Confirmation Program for Catholic adults and teens.
  • Gifts Needed: Spirit-filled adult, energetic presenter to teens and adults, confident in the Holy Spirit‟s
  • Time Commitment: For teen program- one class presenter for 4 – 6 weeks, plus prayer/prep time.
    This presentation is not pure lecture, though some thoughtful content is a part of it. A presentation manual is provided for ideas and insight.
    For adult - one hour per week for 6 weeks during lent using resource materials to stimulate discussion and inquiry about Catholic faith and practice.
  • Length of Commitment: Teens- Fall 2011 through Spring 2012. Adults- 6 weeks during Lent.
  • Current Needs: Two or more team members- catechists for in-class presentations
    For the Rite of Confirmation (usually in the Easter season)
    Retreat leaders and hospitality crew
    Liturgical Ministers- Master of Ceremony, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Altar Servers
    Reception Team- setup/decorations, food preparation, hosting, cleanup
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults - (RCIA)
RCIA is a flexible and multi-step sacramental process that meets adults where they are and guides them toward deciding whether or not God is leading them into full sacramental initiation into the Catholic Church.
  • Gifts Needed: A willingness to journey with those inquiring about the Catholic Church.
  • Time Commitment: Attend one hour sessions on Sunday mornings after Mass. Periodic reading assignments at home in preparation of Sunday sessions.
  • Length of Commitment: Generally 9 months
  • Current Needs: Team members- catechists, sponsors, hospitality, Breaking Open the Word leaders.
Junior/Senior High Ministry
Ministry Description: Youth Ministry is the Church fulfilling itʼs mission on behalf of the youth of our parish grades 7-12. Through the efforts of the church in youth ministry, the youth encounter the Word of God, are welcomed into the community of faith.
  • Gifts Needed: Time and talent of youth parents and other parish members willing to
    volunteer with the youth both during weekly Wednesday night meetings and varying
    activities throughout the year.
  • Time Commitment: Two hours on Wednesday nights as youth leaders; varying times
    throughout the year for other activities.
  • Length of Commitment: 1 year for Wednesday night leaders; whenever available for
    other activities.
  • Current Needs: Rally and Senior High Retreat. Anyone interested in helping with Wednesday night
    youth meeting for the upcoming year.

Children's Liturgy of the Word - (CLOW)
Children's Liturgy of theWord is offered for children 4yrs old through 4th Grade during the 9:00AM Mass. Through this specialized Liturgy of the Word children are introduced to important aspects of God's message in a way that is meaningful and appropriate to their age. Ministers include adults and teens as leaders and assistants.
  • Gifts Needed: Ability to interact with and lead children. Appreciation of the power of God's Word. Creativity, enthusiasm and joy.
  • Time Commitment: Generally ministers are scheduled no more than once a month to conduct the Children's Liturgy which lasts for about 20 minutes. Allow an hour of preparation time prior to the actual session.
  • Length of Commitment: 2 year commitment is preferred.
  • Current Needs: Adult and Sr. High leaders, Jr. High assistants.
Children's Faith Formation-Sunday School Program
This is a catechetical ministry suited for children Pre-K through Grade 6. It provides an opportunity for parents, single adults, and youth to share their faith with children. The curriculum at each grade level is set to comply with the global standards determined by the Archdiocese of Seattle and to conform to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Classes meet on Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:30AM.
  • Gifts Needed: Basic knowledge of our Catholic faith and ability to share it with children.
  • Time Commitment: Approximately 1 hour per week on Sunday for 26 weeks, September – April
    except during major holidays. Lesson planning time according to personal schedule.
  • Length of Commitment: 2 years
  • Current Needs: Teachers, assistant teachers, substitute teachers.
Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is a fun-filled week held the first week in August each summer for children in PreK - Grade 6. From 9:00AM to 12:00pm, Monday through Friday, children explore Bible stories and learn about Christian values in an interactive environment that includes music, skits, crafts, games, food and lots of fun!
  • Gifts Needed: Enjoy interacting with children. Creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Time Commitment: The first week in August 9AM- 12PM
    Several planning sessions prior to the actual event.
  • Length of Commitment: Year by year as schedule permits.
  • Current Needs: Numerous adult volunteers are needed to staff this multifaceted program including teachers, aides, music leaders, arts and craft leaders, and more. Middle school and high school students offer assistance as teen mentors and group guides.



Cultural/Ethnic Ministry
Includes special cultural events put on by our ethnically diverse congregation, recognizing the cultural traditions that enrich our parish life.
  • Gifts Needed: The gift of worship shows that they are giving and sharing how they honor God, i.e. with music.
  • Time Commitment: Special occasions.
  • Current Needs: New members welcome.
This committee is responsible for putting together the parish dinner and dance. In past years the monies collected have supported the parish kitchen renovation and our youth.
  • Gifts Needed: Helpers with a passion for food, fundraising and fun.
  • Time Commitment: 2 hours to 20 hours each year.
  • Current Needs: Helpers always welcome.
Funeral Reception
Supply a reception for family and friends after a funeral. It may be a small as coffee and cake or as large as a full buffet luncheon.
  • Gifts Needed: Men and women are needed to provide food (usually salads and desserts), set up tables, serve food and clean up.
  • Time Commitment: 4 hours if assisting at the reception. People are also needed to supply food which can just be dropped off at the reception. We arrange 6-12 Receptions each year.
  • Length of Commitment: 4 hours if assisting at the reception. People are also needed to supply food which can just be dropped off at the reception. We arrange 6-12 Receptions each year.
  • Current Needs: Participate as you are available. Not everyone can help every time.
Healing Prayer
Praying over those who ask for it on the 3rd Sunday after Mass.
  • Gifts Needed: An openness to the Holy Spirit , a love for people and God.
  • Time Commitment: A 2 year course. Two semesters a year; 8 classes and night classes with a
    Retreat before and after the year.
  • Current Needs: People to pray. Assistance always welcome.
Knights of Columbus
Is a fraternal organization of Catholic men aged 18 and over, focused on serving the Community, particularly orphans and widows. Some activities are Knight‟s breakfast, dinners, construction projects, and scholarships for the area high school seniors, Fly-In parking vehicles and other service opportunities.
  • Gifts Needed: Time to serve for projects.
  • Time Commitment: As you are available.
  • Length of Commitment: We hope to provide a lifelong opportunity to serve.
  • Current Needs: Knights to serve at events.
Collect, sort, display, and maintain books in an orderly fashion for parishioners to borrow.
  • Gifts Needed: Recognizing that the library is a way to spread God's word among us.
  • Time Commitment: As much as one can give.
  • Current Needs: Needs permanent chair and recruitment of a helper or two.

Mary's Guild       Mary's Guild Calendar 2016-2017.pdf

 All women of Immaculate Conception Church are automatically members of Mary’s Guild.  We provide a ministry of service to our parish as well as the wider community while sharing in fellowship.

 A wide variety of volunteers offering the gift of time are needed to help with receptions, Sunday coffee socials, annual events, and service projects throughout the year.  We meet monthly from September to June to plan for the events. If you’re not able to attend meetings we welcome your participation in any and all activities and new participants are always encouraged and welcomed.  There is a place waiting for you to share in fellowship and service with other women of Immaculate Conception.  


 Parish Picnic
A team of volunteers to assist the Leader in the annual parish picnic, with Children's games, food purchasing and cooking the meat.

  • Gifts Needed: A person to choose and organize the Children's games. A person or team to cook the
    meat on the day of the event.
  • Time Commitment:Three Sundays in August including the day of the event scheduled the 3rd
    Sunday in August.
  • Length of Commitment: One Day


Prayer Chain
Our goal is to encourage members to increase their own prayer life and pray for those in need. Volunteers are notified by email or phone.

  • Gifts Needed: Your style of prayer is God's gift to our ministry.
  • Time Commitment: As you see fit.
  • Length of Commitment: As you see fit.
  • Current Needs: New members are welcome.


Soup Supper/Rice Bowl (Lent)
A sharing of soup and bread, and a time for fellowship during Lent. Rice Bowl money collected go to third world Countries via Catholic Community Services.

  • Gifts Needed: Bring a soup and a smile.
  • Time Commitment: 1 hour before evening Mass.
  • Length of Commitment: Duration of Lent.



Building/Grounds Maintenance

This ministry helps with upkeep of the buildings and grounds of our parish.

  • Gifts Needed: Anyone with interest and/or talent in any of the following areas is invited to share. 
    1. Carpentry
    2. Electrical
    3. Painting
    4. Landscaping
    5. Mowing
    6. General Maintenance
  • Time Commitment: Varies
  • Length of Commitment: None
  • Current Needs: Help with maintaining landscaping
Safety Committee
Assesses and corrects safety issues with the Church and facilities. Conducts training for volunteers on safety matters. Follows up safety concerns presented by parishioners. Advises facilities maintenance and pastor on matters relating to safety of facilities and activities.
  • Gifts Needed: Some occupational safety is desired. Anyone with a passion to help others and maintain our facilities in a safe condition.
  • Time Commitment: Annual safety assessments of the facilities. Rare meeting to consider safety issues.
  • Length of Commitment: 3 years
  • Current Needs: Members to share in the duties. Currently